It is used in alternative medicine for its anti-infl ammatory, anti-oxidant and immune- booster properties, as well as for body detoxifi cation. However, overconsumption of specific Food can also lead- to life-threatening food-drug interaction and even possibly causing life-threatening cases of poisoning. As his illness condition worsen, he experienced urination difficulties due to the swelling and inflammation of his kidney. Porcupine Bezoar Medicinal Values According to Chinese medicine records, in tradition, Porcupine Bezoar had been used as medicine by hill tribes in Southern China and South-East Asia. In contrast to Europe, interest in the bezoar has never waned in Asia, and the current demand for porcupine bezoars is mainly driven by China. Sometimes, it is also recommended for treatment of cancer, dengue fever, meningitis, herpes, throat infection, pneumonia, and as pre- and post-operation “anti-infective”. This is despite little scientific research evidence to confirm its effectiveness. However, its benefits as anticancer agent on human lung cancer cells (A549) is not yet been officially studied . Now that his mouth ulcer has healed and Fever noticeably reduced , he can now articulate and independently consume some liquid foods. We personally also felt that it is not advisable for him having to go through the unpleasant suffering of the medical treatment in part due to his elderly age, we felt that he should not go through the avoidable stress and pain. A bezoar is a mass found trapped in the gastrointestinal system, though it can occur in other locations. The unprocessed porcupine stone dates found can be either spherical or elongated comprising of a structure with multi-layer peel like makeup like an onion. The morphology scientific investigation study propose that Porcupine Bezoar date medicine extract promote destabilize of actin and cause DNA damage hence subsequently followed by apoptosis on A549 cells. Anticancer clinical study is known as tertiary prevention, which largely targets the interest on the malignant cancer cell. From the history and research of Chinese medicine, porcupine bezoar has long been known as a remedy for many illnesses. Lung diseases. It is believed by some that the porcupine bezoar stone can be used to cure cancer, diabetes, dengue, typhoid, epilepsy, hepatitis and many more. For listings advertising powdered forms of porcupine bezoar, if no quantity units (i.e., individual bezoars) were specified, we assumed quantity referred to grams. Apart from so many clinical research done. To aid Members that need these herbs to cure ailments or for their well being but are unable to afford the price. For any Inquiries Concerning Our Porcupine Dates Products, Do Reach Out To Us Via the Contact Form Below. antibody, immunization booster, and body-detox. In the similar vein, the use of alternative medical treatment is a form of homeopathic remedy which can be tremendously curative when administered in the correct proportion from a medically trained clinical professional. The finding in this scientific study suggests medically active extracts from Porcupine Bezoar date are able to effectively inhibit cellular growth, induce DNA damage and apoptosis, further lab test analysis was needed to be carried out to verify the precise reaction mechanism. 9. Epitome of Nature's Answer to Overall Wellness, Contact Us To Discuss Your Healthcare Needs, Administration of Analgesic during certain medical surgery procedures. After the consumption of Porcupine Date Bezoars powder (Jian Zhu Zao), we have reports of consumers sharing that their body urine creatinine count were able to be normalized, whereby their creatine level dropped from a value of 4700 mg to an optimal level of 1700/mg. Now that his mouth ulcer has healed and Fever visibly relieved, he can now talk and independently drink small amounts of liquid foods. Copyright 2019 © Ban Ying Foh Medical Hall Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved. At this moment, we came to the conclusion of adopting an alternative detoxification and homeopathic focused therapy to cure & get rid of his throat inflammation and kidney swelling. I speak from my own experience. A pseudobezoar is an indigestible object introduced intentionally into the digestive system.. After a short time range of a few short days, he has rapidly and visibly recovered reduced the painfulness in his throat. 6. Present anticancer medicine are specifically targeting to molecularly block chemical signals which promote cancer cell replication, obstruct cellular death, cell specialization and angiogenesis. 8. These porcupines consume contaminated food with high medical values and hence the Porcupine Dates and Porcupine Bezoar from these porcupines are better in quality and medical value. A549 cells morphology was carefully observed after being treated with a closely controlled dose of porcupine bezoar medicine dosage for 72 hours. (+2348052789941) or (+2348052789941). A549 cells morphology was closely monitored after being given with a precisely measured dose of porcupine bezoar powder dosage for 72 hours.The capability of porcupine bezoar medicine to cause DNA cellular damage and apoptosis was thoroughly analyzed by dyeing cellular samples with Hoechst 33428(nucleus) and Rhodamine Phalloidin (f-actin). Porcupine Bezoar/Facebook Sadly, many porcupines don't even have the stones in their stomachs when they are sold just to be killed. (+2348052789941) or (+2348052789941). As the virus is besieged this porcupine dates will grow as the healing progress this “dates shape stone” may form in the stomach. Bile / Gall 6. This Porcupine Dates can be found in South East Asia, ... on Whats-app now*fibroid *kidney*fatty liver *HIV/AIDS**..1 Cancer cure Diabetes cures Ringing ear 4 Herpes cures Warts cure HPV cure Get your ex backs Pregnancy herbal medicines Prostate enlargement Hepatitis B 11 Disability Etc. The Chinese believe that porcupine bezoar can treat various kinds of cancer if you can afford it. The morphology scientific research analysis suggested that Porcupine Bezoar stone powder extract stimulate destabilize of actin and induced DNA damage therefore consequently leading to apoptosis on A549 cells. Consumption of specific food at an appropriate quantity can have beneficial curative effects. Porcupine bezoar (PB) was reported to possess medicinal properties in old medical manuscript. Natural yet Resilient Medical Efficacies, 6. Use wisely! 这是你最后一次的机会,豪猪枣可以医好癌症 。 For more information on Porcupine Bezoars, kindly go to Porcupine Bezoar on facebook or … However, the awareness of porcupine bezoar as an effective anticancer agent is not widely understood fully. Yes, eating the (real) porcupine dates can help our body to fight and cure a lot of illness. Porcupine bezoar date medicine is undigested concretions of organic or inorganic matter which have calcified over an extended time and can usually be located in the gastrointestinal tract of wild adult porcupine (Malayan hystrix). It is commonly known that cancerous tumor cells proliferate and multiply very rapidly and evolve into malignant cell clusters, hence the reason behind the research on anticancer treatment is targeting on specific malignant cells which able to metastasize. Relief retention of fluid to the lungs & the possible complications of lungs infection. At this point , we came to the decision of using an alternative. However, overconsumption of certain Food can also result -in life-threatening food-drug interaction and even possibly leading to emergency – scenarios of poisoning. Meningitis. 8. The chemical profile and the medicinal properties of the bezoar is still unknown. by a natural way to reduce the swollen kidney. Today, the porcupine date is well-known in Chinese society in South-East Asia. It is widely used by the Chinese Malaysian as an alternative medicine in the treatment of cancer, dengue fever, meningitis, herpes, throat infection, you will find a bezoar in a Harry Potter book or movie. by a natural way to reduce the swollen kidney. Old Chinese medical text had recorded the used of Porcupine Bezoar. PHOTO: This procedure was recommended as a syndrome of high level of creatinine in the urine may leads to severe impairable kidney failure which can lead to further complication. Initially , we had doubts about the efficacy of the porcupine bezoar/ stone powder . Porcupine stone bezoar powder is undigested concretions of organic or inorganic compounds which have calcified over a long time and can often be found in the digestive tract of wild matured porcupine (Malayan hystrix). When porcupine is ill or injured, porcupine will find the wild growth herbs in the forest to cure itself. Although he can’t articulate or eat food with ease, this was n. Secondly, is to control the body uric acid level and assist him in a smoother unobstructed urination. As his medical condition got worse, he faced urination challenges due to the swollen and inflammation of his kidney.